Tuesday, February 16, 2010

9 months pregnant is SO overrated!

One week until my due date...the date that I thought would never come...the date that doesn't really exist. I am 39 weeks today and SO OVER being preggo! It's so hard just trying to be patient! Jake and I give her a pep talk every night but she doesn't seem to be ready yet, I guess. Baby, whenever you are ready, we'll be waiting!
39 weeks
Jake is so impressed!

A few weeks ago, my sis-in-law Lisa had a baby shower for me! It was so much fun being with friends! Lisa sure knows how to throw a party! All the decorations were so cute and the treats were delicious!


Elizabeth said...

Emily, she is just growing her eye lashes out a little longer and forming cute dimples! ;) Have you gotten a pedi yet? That can bring on labor! :) If not, give me a call I'd love to take you!

The Lusks said...

The last week is the hardest! And it the worst because you know it is coming... you just don't know how... or when. Hang in there! Meanwhile, go on lots of walks.

OnlyAng said...
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Allison and Matt said...

Em you should have posted this exact post a while ago because obviously she got the message!!! Oh I can't wait to meet her, Congrats new mommy :)

Vest Family said...

Hi Emily! Congratulations on your pregnancy and your soon-to-be arriving baby. Jason and I are praying for you. Best Wishes!
(We found your blog through the Dobson's blog)