Sunday, May 4, 2008

13.1 miles....been there, done that!

Jake and I ran in the Indianapolis Mini Marathon this past weekend! We ran it with my dad, brother Greg, sis-in-law Steph, Steph's brother and his wife, and a few friends! Jake and I both met our time goals and had fun doing it! It was an unbelievable experience and we can't wait for next year!
Downtown before the race! It's still dark out! What are we thinking!?
The starting line before the race....30,000 runners! It's the largest half marathon in the U.S. After the race....13.1 miles before 9 am and we're still smiling!


Beatrix Kiddo said...

Yay! I really want to run a marathon someday. Too bad I never actually start training. I'm lame :(

Taylor Kowallis said...

yea Nathan got a job here for Construction Management! We love it here already!! Good job on the marathon, I dont think i could ever run one, I would die!! Kudos to yoU!!!

ash whiting said...

love the cute blog Jake and Em! We'll add it to our list! Love ya and can't wait to hear about London!