Monday, May 9, 2011

one of those weekends

that you never ever ever want to end. . . that's what the reynolds had!

it's awesome how much time we have together now that the nba season is over and we are loving every minute of it! from november to april. . . 6 long months. . . half the year. . . you get the point. . . jake has games on either friday or saturday almost every weekend. we became very used to either not seeing him friday night until midnight or our saturday fun ending around 2 because daddy had to leave. and because of that our weekends are very special!

we had a cookout with great friends and stuffed our faces on steak, asparagus wrapped in proscuttio, spinach artichoke dip, and thin mint brownies (i'm drooling just thinking about that meal)

we had a nice relaxing day at the farmers market at the national cathedral in dc

we discovered a new favorite place, gravelly point, to enjoy the weather, take a picnic, and watch planes take off a couple hundred feet above your head

i enjoyed a beautiful mothers day filled with lots of love from my two favorite people.

mothers day

gravelly point

national cathedral

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