Thursday, March 31, 2011

play that funky music

i have the spring cleaning itch, but it's cold and rainy. who wants to open their windows, organize closets, scrub floors, deep clean their kitchen, and love it while it's cold and rainy?!?! exactly. i'm in a funk.

so what do i do? i make a list. i am OBSESSED with list making. i make lists for everything. so i made a spring cleaning list. room by room. it's pretty awesome. i almost feel as if i did everything just by writing it down...too bad it doesn't work that way. but it did make me excited to do the things i wrote down. i also have the itch because we just found out that we can extend our lease for another year! this is big! the reynolds have moved EVERY SUMMER we've been married...yep....five. this will officially be our first summer to be normal people swimming, going to the park, and enjoying the beautiful weather; not searching for boxes, wrapping, boxing, packing, moving, unpacking people. i'm beyond excited! so until July 2012 we're staying put. so, as i look around our home sweet home i see lots of stuff...stuff that needs to go...stuff that we've been holding onto "just in case we moved and need it in our new place", well we aren't, and we don't need it!

the other reason for my productive juices aren't flowing...except for the list making, of course. we all get stuck in our little routines, right? well, i'm stuck in mine and need a new one. i decided yesterday that i can only check facebook monday, wednesday, friday. that makes me sound obsessed...well i'm not. but i do check it everyday, sometimes twice. i'm not on it more than a few minutes, checking the updates and pictures and then i'm done...but facebook is the gateway drug. because now i'm on the computer and i'm blog stalking, again only about 10 mintues and i'm done with that, but i'm sitting down...on the comfy couch...and makenzie is never ends well. it will be good for me, i will browse less and DO more! i'm excited.!


April said...

Ha ha you and I are more alike than you know! I'm list crazed as well-- and I totally get sucked into the Facebook/ blog world more than I need to! It's my stupid phone... Can't live with it, can't live without it...

Brady and Lindsay Wood said...

I think that is such a good idea. I have had the same idea and just not done it yet. Go you! But this week has been nuts and I have only gotten on the computer 2 times in the past week and it is amazing how much I can accomplish in a day without it. Crazy. Oh and list are the best - Im totally with you. I love the crossing things off the list the most!