Monday, June 14, 2010

little jet setter

Computer is back to its old self again! Hallelujah!

May was a busy busy month for us! Makenzie had her first plane ride to Indy and after only being home a week, she had her second airport experience going to Utah! The flight to Utah is a looooonnnnng one- nonstop 5 hours! Boo! After a rough start, delayed 5 hours! 3 of which we were ON THE PLANE!, we finally made it and Makenzie did so well!! Luckily, Jake and I were together so we could just trade off holding her once our arms fell asleep!

We had the BEST time in Utah over Memorial Day weekend! Some of the fam hadn't had the privilege of meeting Ms. Makenzie yet, so it was much needed! Unfortunately, the O'Neils were totally missed! It was a jam-packed, fun-filled, went-by-too-fast weekend of bbqing, playing outside, pedicures, parks, eating at our fav spots, and hanging out!
Aunt Goat wanted to take Makenzie home with her...but I had to say no...she would be missed...

The ladder-ball, limbo, & high-jumping gang! :)

Ruth's Diner up the canyon for breakfast! Aunt Steph rocking Kenz to sleep :)

Brothas :)

How great does Jay look!?! It was so awesome seeing him out and about and looking better than he has in 5 years!! We had the BEST time being able to hang with him so much!

Good lookin group!
Mom, Dallas, Teag, Ashley, Kim, Steve, Isaak, Ben, Me, Dad, Jake & Kenz

Livin the dream

My buddy & me
Dallas was SO CUTE to "Baby Kenzie"! I can't look at these pictures without cracking up! Makenzie looks a little uncomfortable! But, she was loving her cousins! Dallie kept saying "booga booga booga" to Makenzie and its one of her favorite things now! She thinks it's so funny!
Hangin with Daddy
Bean, Aunt Kim, & Crazy Eyebrows Kenz
Uncle Jay & Kenz (again, with the crazy eyebrows?!)
Gram, Kim, Me, & Goat

Makenzie really does LOVE her Grandpa! And I would say he is quite fond of her! He puts of quite a fight if someone else tries to hold her! :) (side note: about 5 minutes after this picture, Grandpa had her asleep in his arms! He's got the touch!)

Makenzie, Ben, & Isaak
Basketball crew
Jer, Teag, Jay, Jake, & Josh
We miss everyone so much and are counting down the days until we meet again in Newport!!


L said...

What do you use as your headbands for your bows?

Jason said...

Those pictures are awesome Em! And thanks for the compliment on how good-looking I am ;) I too am counting down the days until still feels like it's 10 years away though, so we may need to come visit you guys one time (at least) before. Mak is the cutest thing! Love you guys :)

ashley whiting said...

It really was so much fun! Love you guys and CAN'T WAIT FOR NEWPORT!