Monday, November 2, 2009

I love...but I don't love...

Sorry to everyone who has been asking me to post pictures for the past few months!! I have so much catching up to do!! I haven't been good at taking them regularly, but here are a few belly pictures! 12 wks....bump barely there...
19 wks...unfortunately the back is bigger than the front here...
(10/30/09) 23's officially an outie...
This is our "countdown to Baby" chain!! My neices, Alexa and Kira helped me make it! We started it at 16 wks so we have cut off 8 links already!!! It's fun laying in bed and staring at our slowly shrinking chain!
My thoughts on pregnancy thus far:
I love...feeling her kick & move constantly! Jake even gets to feel her every night!
but I don't feet barely fitting into my shoes already :(
I love...buying her adorable tiny little clothes!
but I don't belly button becoming an outie!
I love...planning her nursery!
but I don't face getting chubbier despite my best efforts!
I love...not being sick anymore! It was a looonnng first 16 wks!
but I don't love...being ready for bed at 8:30.
I love...getting our weekly email updates on how big she is and what's developing this week!
but I don't love...feeling large, stretched, and uncomfortable! (I know it's only getting worse too!)
I love...daydreaming about her arrival and when she's here
but I don't love...having to be patient for 16 more weeks!
I love...her to pieces already!
Jake and I are having so much fun planning, buying, and talking about our little girly! We can hardly wait for her to get here! I'm feeling great these days and love feeling her move ALL the time!! She's quite the busy body! 24 wks down 16 more to go!!!


Brady and Lindsay Wood said...

Em I cant believe you are 24 weeks already and you still have a tiny baby bump! I hope you are planning on making her wear HUGE bows! that is the best part of little girls :)

Hope you are Jake are doing well!

Katie said...

I'm SO happy for Jake and you. By the way, I'm really hoping to come and visit this winter (especially since the baby will be coming!). That is if you're doing the blessing out there? Yes?

Jason said... look so cute pregnant Em. I'm going to have to stare at the pictures every day to believe that you guys are really going to have a baby. SO cool though! You absolutely have that pregnant glow :)
I'm always thinking of you guys. Just know how much I love you.

Taylor Kowallis said...

could you imagine having 2 in there hahah! Im so glad you finally posted belly pics! You look awesome!!! You have lots to look forward to!!!

OnlyAng said...

Em it's so great to see the belly photos! You are adorable, no chubby face.... Just beautiful Mommy-to-Be GLOW! Amazing and wonderful, over time you may look back and love the "don't loves" too :o) Can't wait to see you and meet your little darling. Hugs to the Belly, You and Jake!

ashley whiting said...

You are so adorable pregnant Em!!! I am so happy to see your cute little belly, and I am even more excited to see it in person in just a few days :) I am so glad you are feeling better and are able to enjoy pregnancy even more now!
Love you guys tons!

The Clems said...

you look so cute preggers! :)

Suzanna said...

Congratulations Emily! I had no idea you were pregnant. Kids are great! I've got a 1 yr old, Luke. Do you have any names for your little girl yet? Good luck with everything. You look great!