Tuesday, September 29, 2009

4th test's a charm!

The way we found out that I was pregnant is too long of story to type, but basically, we couldn't tell if the first 3 tests were positive or not, so I got a digital for my fourth and final pregnancy test!! I woke Jake up with breakfast in bed and a pregnancy test that had the words "PREGNANT"! Despite his face in the second one, he was very excited...well at least he is now! haha! It just took a few days for the shell shock to wear off!
We bought plain white onesies and wrote "Surprise- see you Feb 2010" and "Lucky #9/#10" on them and gave them to our parents to tell them the exciting news! It was so fun telling our families!!!


OnlyAng said...

GREAT photos!! Haha! I love when you post :o)

Jason said...

So so cool Jake and Em! First off, love seeing a post and hearing your story. Next, I love that you are going to be real parents! Actually, I can't believe that one. But I'm so excited for you guys....and for us :)
Love you both so much!

Katie said...

You two are just too freakin cute! That's such a cool way to tell your parents! I can't wait for a little Emy or Jake! :) Miss you!