Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Apartment!

The building we live in was once an old school and they converted into apartments! It's really cool inside and has alot of character that we immediately fell in love with! There are only 10 apartments in our building so that's really nice too!
The entry. The stairs go up to the loft which has the 2nd bedroom, 2nd bathroom, and 2 more walk-in closets!! We love the stairs! They made it a bit tricky when moving stuff up however!
The dining/kitchen
Living room
Other side of living room
Our bedroom
My favorite part- Our closet!! My side
Jake's side of the closet!
Main Bathroom
2nd bedroom in loft- the opening on the right looks over into the living room
We love the built-ins in the 2nd bedroom/office
We are loving our new apartment and are excited for some visitors!!!


Mollie said...

It looks really nice. I love the exterior. And wow, what an organized closet you have!

The Clems said...

I love it! Where exactly are you living?

Steph said...

Jake & Em....We love your apartment and are so happy for you both! Congratulations and we love you!

Julie Brewer said...

Cute blog Em! Love the apartment !!! Can't wait to come visit!!! love ya, Julie

SMT Family said...

Your new place looks great! I love the character. We are still in New York, but not the city. We live in Upstate while Skyler finishes school. We are in Ithaca. We aren't far though, about 4 hrs and we are near all of the church sites.